Welcome to Kosher by the Kremlin!

The Baal Shem Tov, the founder of Chasidic Judaism taught: If you walk in a forest and a spring appears, you say it is a miracle; if you walk the next day in the forest and a spring appears, you say it is a coincidence. But he explained, if you see it all the time you take it for granted, when in fact that is the true miracle. When we encounter miracles everyday we take them for granted.

The same could be said about kosher restaurants in Moscow.  Just 20 years have passed since the fall of Soviet Union when Judaism was severely limited.  There were no kosher restaurants, and matzo was brought into the country in secret by Jews living abroad. When I moved to Moscow one year ago there were four kosher restaurants, all in synagogues.  One year later, there are five new kosher restaurants with rumors of one or two more opening in the coming months.  It is a true miracle to witness the rebirth of Judaism and to see it flourishing today.  The fact that none of the new kosher restaurants are in synagogues are a testament to where the Jewish community has come in Moscow in such a short time.

This blog will provide an up-to-date English listings of all the kosher restaurants and kosher markets in Moscow, including addresses, telephone numbers, and the nearest metro.  You can find this information on the tabs above.  In addition, I will start to review all the restaurants and provide my thoughts on the quality, value, service, and taste.  I have come to realize that even though there are more kosher restaurants than ever before in Moscow, it does not mean they are all good!  I look forward to your feedback and suggestions.


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