Rave Reviews for Rimon

Sorry for the lack of posts recently! I spent the past month in Israel, eating lots and lots of good kosher food. I am now back in Moscow and back to blogging.

Michael and I ate lunch on Sunday at one of my favorite kosher restaurants in Moscow – Rimon at the Choral Synagogue. I had to stop at the Synagogue to buy kosher chicken, and Michael talked me into lunch as well. Rimon is the Hebrew word for pomegranate, and the restaurant has pomegranate-themed cocktails, in addition to a kosher wine list. On this visit, they also had winter-themed cocktails, including my favorite glintvein (mulled wine). I was impressed with the spices in the drink and the quantity of fruit.

The restaurant is on the second floor of the Choral Synagogue and feels homey, yet still like a real restaurant rather than a synagogue dining room. The walls are adorned with Jewish-themed paintings, but not just of Jewish men learning. The pictures include holiday celebrations, food, and Jewish families. The restaurant is very clean, which is always a huge plus in my book. The service is fantastic. All the meals are always served at the same time, which is not very common in Russia. The food is consistently very good in the restaurant, but it is never packed with people. During our last visit there were only two other tables of customers. It’s a shame they don’t do a better job of publicizing the restaurant.

Since we were only going for lunch, we passed on ordering any appetizers. I usually order the chicken cesar salad, which has nice strips of non-fatty chicken and not too much dressing, with lots of fresh lettuce. Instead of using fake cheese, the restaurant uses hard boiled egg yolks, which surprisingly is a nice touch.

Michael loves their garlic potatoes, and claims they are the best potatoes in the city. Therefore, he orders his main course based on what goes with garlic potatoes. He usually orders the chicken schnitzel (I don’t love it because to me it tastes too much like Passover), however this time he ordered the lyula (lamb) kebab. As Michael was eating it, he described it as garlic-y and onion-y. Since I hate onions, I didn’t try it, but it looked tasty. As usual, he loved his potatoes.

My favorite dish – a lamb stew – has been taken off the menu for some reason. My new go-to is almost as good. It is a roasted rack of lamb served with potato latkes layered with vegetable ratatouille. The presentation is gorgeous and the lamb is so good, I pick up the bones to get off every possible scrap of meat. The meat is tender and so flavorful. It is served with a pomegranate sauce on the side, but I think the meat is so tasty on its own that the sauce is not needed. The latkes are crisp, albeit a little oily. The vegetables are a nice mixture and make me feel that I am getting some vegetables with the meal. Since they are served with the latkes, no salt, pepper or sauce is needed. The portion is huge and way too much for me to eat. Michael usually ends up with some of the latke/vegetable dish.

I would highly recommend this restaurant for a good meal!

Moscow Choral Synagogue
Bolshoi Spasoglinishevskiy  pereulok, 10 (Enter the Moscow Choral Synagogue thorough the main entrance, take the staircase on the right up to door 208 where the restaurant is located)
Telephone: +7 (499) 623-5012
Metro: Kitay Gorod

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