Mixed Reviews for Misada

Half the reason to check out the restaurant Misada is to have an excuse to go to Afimall. The mall is an escape from Russia. There is a fountain show every hour in the atrium, the top floor has giant matroshka dolls, and the only Banana Republic in Russia is there (though beware the prices are at least double what would you pay in the States).  The other perk of the mall is the presence of the famed frozen yogurt shop Pinkberry.  Note that all Pinkberries in the USA are kosher, but none of them abroad are certified.  The Pinkberry is just as delicious as I remembered from New York, and I was so excited to be able to choose toppings like blackberries and blueberries, which are expensive and very hard to find in Moscow.

But I digress from the kosher review at hand.  Misada is on the fifth floor of the mall. I would describe their decor as Middle Eastern.  See the pictures below for what I mean.









Before I get to the food at Misada, I should mention they have a book corner with Russian language Jewish books, including  children’s books on topics like different Jewish holidays and famous Jews like Marc Chagall.

I was delighted to find out that the restaurant has English menus! My husband and I went for lunch and decided to start with a salad that was topped with warm turkey and dressing. When the salad arrived, it failed in its presentation. It looked like lettuce topped with canned green peas, turkey that appeared too pink, and a massive amount of dressing on top. Thankfully, it tasted better than it looked. We managed to eat it all, although I wouldn’t order it again. The turkey wasn’t the best quality and the dressing tasted like mayonnaise with seasoning. The lettuce and tomatoes were fresh though.

For my main course I ordered the Turkish-style steak shashlik. After the appetizer, I was nervous.  But the dish turned out to be incredible! The plate came with tons of meat; it was so big I didn’t think I would be able to finish it. The food tasted so delicious though that I did become a member of the clean-plate club.  The meat was served with a chunky tomato sauce on the side for dipping, although the meat was so flavorful on its own I didn’t want to take away from its taste. The beef had virtually no fat, and every bite was juicy and tender. The Turkish spices complemented the natural meat flavors perfectly.

My husband’s meal arrived ten minutes after mine. This is standard for Russian service, but I still don’t understand the practice and it still annoys me. He ordered a hamburger. He received a questionable looking meat patty with a piece of pita cut in half.  It was not quite what he had in mind. When he asked for ketchup for the burger and fries, they said they didn’t have any and offered him the tomato sauce that was served as the side to my dish. It was too chunky to substitute for ketchup though.  The burger was edible, but it didn’t taste like very good quality meat and l wouldn’t recommend it.  However the fries were nice and crisp.

I don’t think I would make a special trip back to the mall to eat at Misada. However, if I was in the mall already, I would get lunch there. If you go, I would recommend that you stick to shaslik since my main course was excellent.

Afimall – 5th floor, near the cinema “Formula Kino”
Presnenskaya nab., 2.
Telephone: +8 (499) 408-0106
Metro: Vystavochnaya


One thought on “Mixed Reviews for Misada

  1. You made me laugh – I could never imagine you even thinking of not finishing every peice of kosher meat that is put in front of you. And then eating more! xoxo

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