Best Kosher Business Lunch in Moscow

Noodles is a fairly new kosher restaurant located just blocks from the Kremlin in the center of Moscow. The restaurant has a very elegant, modern interior with a great use of different color lighting. I am a bathroom snob, and this restaurant has the cleanest and nicest bathrooms of any kosher restaurant I have ever visited. That is a huge point in its favor.

Many restaurants in Moscow have a business lunch where there is a preset menu for a set price. All the kosher restaurants in Moscow are open for lunch, but Noodles is one of the first restaurants to offer a business lunch.

Their business lunch prices are as follows:
Soup, salad, and beverage – 450 rubles (approximately $14)
Salad, hot main dish, and beverage – 550 rubles (approximately $17)
Soup, hot main dish, and beverage – 550 rubles (approximately $17)
Soup, salad, hot main dish, and beverage – 650 rubles (approximately $30)

I ordered the soup plus a main dish. When my soup came I was surprised to see that it was a huge bowl. Usually with business lunches restaurants give you smaller portions. Not Noodles, my soup and main course were both dinner sized portions. I ordered the chicken soup with poached egg. I was curious to try it as the only time I have had egg in soup was Egg Drop Soup at Chinese restaurants. The soup was tasty and the egg gave it a light and airy touch. In general, I am not a fan of egg yolk so I just ate the whites. It was good, but next time I think I would try one of their more interesting soups. As a main course I ordered their house special noodles stewed with chunks of beef and arugula leaves. I was presented with a giant bowl of spaghetti in a bolognese style sauce and it was delicious. There was so much meat and just the right amount of sauce. I barely ate half my bowl because the portion was so large.

Overall the food was good and you can’t beat the price for a business lunch. It is definitely worth a visit to Noodles.

I apologize that I do not have any photos, but the day I ate there I forgot my camera. However, if you click on this link:  you can see an album on their Facebook page that shows pictures of some their menu items. The images of the food really do look like what you are actually served.

Bol’shoy Cherkasskiy pereulok, 17
Telephone: +7 (495) 623-5396
Metro: Kitay Gorod, Lubyanka, or Ploshchad Revolyutsii


2 thoughts on “Best Kosher Business Lunch in Moscow

  1. Hi there. Thanks for your useful and well-done site. I am a business traveler and have had reason to be in Moscow several times and expect more. My colleagues found the Jerusalem restaurant and we have enjoyed several nice meals there.

    Most frequently, we are working / staying about 10 mins from the Kremlin (near the Tsum store and Marriot Hotel).

    2 questions:

    – Is there any Kosher place that would deliver lunch food (sandwich platters, etc.)?
    – What is a nearby place for lunch or a lighter dinner??. Jerusalem is a more expensive, heavier meal and also a slight “shlep” in distance.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Ari,

      I no longer live in Moscow, so I am not sure of the most up to date information to assist you. I would suggest you contact Rabbi Yanky Klein, he works with the English speaking expat community in Moscow, he should be able to assist you. His email is

      Safe travels!

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