About Me

I am an American expat living in Moscow.  My husband’s job brought us to Moscow for 2-3 years.  I just finished my first year in Moscow and have been learning Russian, traveling to interesting places in Central and Eastern Europe, blogging about my experiences, and volunteering with different organizations.  Prior to living in Moscow, I lived and worked in New York City, most recently living in Brooklyn and working for AIPAC as a fundraiser.

As someone who keeps kosher I have struggled to find the same quality items (and sometimes any items at all!) that I was accustomed to in the States.  In addition, I could not find a website in English that compiles all the kosher restaurants and stores with up to date information or gives reviews.  After trial and error I have learned where I can buy the best quality chicken, what to order at certain restaurants and what to stay away from, and where to find more obscure kosher items.  I am a foodie and love to talk about food, write about food, and of course eat food.  I hope to share my experiences to make the process easier for locals and visitors to Moscow.


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